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March 2019


Department of Central Geospatial Database

  • searching and collection of information for the Central geospatial database of the - Military Information System of the territory
  • creation and generation of stereo-models and digitizing features from aerial photographs using digital photogrammetry
  • creation and generation of ortho - photo mosaics
  • field works and assignment of qualitative features to vector data
  • searching and collection of data for the Vertical obstacles database

Department of Remote Sensing

  • searching, collection and processing of geographic information about a foreign territory from active and passive systems of remote sensing,
  • provision of geographic information acquired by remote sensing for the needs of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic (SR), Survey and Intelligence Service and for the Military Information System of the Territory
  • processing of raster models of the territory
  • participation in the Multinational Geospatial Co-production Program - production of high resolution vector data

Department of Administration and Distribution of Information

  • archiving of information about the territory in analogue and digital form
  • records of information about the territory
  • verification and backup of information
  • distribution of information about the territory

Department of Map Products

  • editorial works and production of the military topographic map at scales 1 : 25, 000, 1 : 50,000, 1 : 100, 000, 1 : 500,000, 1 : 1,000,000
  • editorial works and creation of special maps, JOG 1 : 250,000 (Joint Operation Graphics), series 1501 and 1501AIR, TFC(L) maps 2nd Series 1 : 250,000 (Transit Flying Chart (Low Level) Second Series), Air orientation maps 1 : 500,000
  • processing of vector geo-database of the SR territory
  • processing of military - geographic information from the crisis areas of the world for the use in UN peace-keeping operations
  • editorial preparatory works and editorial works for special maps
  • creation of models and analyses
  • creation of atlases
  • generation of websites and their updates
  • Desktop Publishing (DTP) – processing of the Topographic Institute´s products

Department of Geodesy

  • collection, processing, update and archiving of geodetic information using GPS technology and by the use of integrated measurement systems
  • operation of permanent GPS station BBYS
  • geo-location of radars, firing positions and other military objects
  • geodetic support in crisis situations
  • preparation and processing of mathematical elements for map products (MGU – Model of geodetic task, convergence, declination)
  • exact transformation of coordinates into another coordinate system
  • geodetic support of aerial photographs
  • participation in interdepartment activities


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